Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA)

What is ORCA?
ORCA is a FAR mandated web-based system that streamlines the solicitation and award process for both vendor and Government by collecting vendor representations and certifications of business information that is required by law for contract award.

Why was ORCA created?
Prior to ORCA, vendors were required to submit Reps and Certs for each individual large purchase contract award. Now, using ORCA, a contractor can enter their Reps and Certs information once for use on all Federal contracts. This site not only benefits the contractor by allowing them to maintain an accurate and complete record but also the Contracting Officer as they can view every record, including archives, with the click of a mouse.

Who needs to register in ORCA?
You must be registered in ORCA if the solicitation you are responding to requires that you have an active registration in SAM.

What is the difference between SAM and ORCA and why must I register in both systems?
SAM and ORCA are complementary systems. ORCA reuses data pulled from SAM and pre-populates many of the required Representations and Certifications. Then, the vendor completes the remaining Reps and Certs with the understanding that with each solicitation they are certifying to current, accurate and complete information.

What information will I need to register in ORCA?
The ORCA Quick Reference Guide contains all the information you will need to register in ORCA. For additional help to go

How do I register with ORCA?
Link to complete registration

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